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Pre-care and Aftercare Treatments Advice


Aftercare – Avoid sunbeds,  heat & electrical treatments,  wear loose clothes, no spray tanning for 48 hours

Lash Extensions

A patch test must have been carried out within the salon 24-48 hours prior to your first appointment
Please do not wear any make up or contact lens to your appointment
Please make us aware of any eye conditions which may affect your treatment

Avoid touching the lashes after your appointment and try to keep them dry for the next 24 hours
Avoid hot steam for 48 hours, a cool quick bath or shower is recommended
Try not to excessively rub your eyes and use an oil free make up remover
Saunas, swimming and steam rooms should be avoided and not used at all for 48 hours


Don’t moisturise, use perfume or deodorant before your tan
Remove contact lens before treatment to avoid contamination
Remove any unwanted hair 48 hours prior to your appointment
Bring loose dark clothing and flip flops or loose fitting shoes
Exfoliate the night before your tan, especially the knees and elbows

Leave the tan to develop between 8-10 hours then shower until the water runs clear and pat dry
Avoid excessive exercise, perspiring or getting wet during development
Long baths or going swimming will fade the tan quicker
Remember that sunless tan does not protect you in natural sun, use a SPF
Moisturise daily and exfoliate 4 days after your tan

Covid-19 Precautions

Please stay at home and rearrange your appointment if you, a member of your household or someone you’ve recently been in contact with, have Covid-19 symptoms including a cough, fever or a change in taste or smell, or tested positive in the last 14 days or are awaiting test results.

The Garden Retreat has always maintained safe hygiene practices; however, due to Covid-19, we have made a few changes to the salon which include:


  • Staff will now be wearing appropriate PPE as recommended by BABTAC  and government guidelines
  • Additional time is being allowed between clients to ensure sanitisation of treatment rooms and our reception areas.  
  • All laundry is being washed at recommended temperatures and disposable towels and couch roll are being used where appropriate
  • Hot and cold drinks can be offered to clients in paper/plastic cups only;  however, no food, including biscuits will be available.
  • Magazines have been removed but clients can bring their own reading material if required
  • Bookings are by prior appointment only.
  • Vouchers can be pre-ordered and paid for over the phone or in person
  • Our retail items are still available to  purchase but please avoid touching them, ask a member of staff for assistance

Client Guidelines

  • All clients to wear facemasks on arrival to salon and kept in place unless the treatment dictates otherwise
  • Hand sanitisers are freely available throughout the salon including in the entrance hallway, treatment rooms and on the reception desk.  All clients will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival
  • Clients are advised to use their own pens to complete our Covid-19 forms and/or registration forms as required
  • Clients asked to limit their belongings and coats brought into the salon
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment and wait outside until we come and get you.
  • Please come alone to your appointment unless you are under 16 or with a carer
  • Please social distance when arriving at the salon and in our reception area
  • Payment is preferred using contactless where possible

Please note:

  • Our opening hours have changed during this time, we are now closed on Sundays and Mondays
  • These times may vary as necessary,  so please check with the salon

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.  We really appreciate your support during this difficult time.