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Pre-care and Aftercare Treatments Advice


Aftercare – Avoid sunbeds,  heat & electrical treatments,  wear loose clothes, no spray tanning for 48 hours

Lash Extensions

A patch test must have been carried out within the salon 24-48 hours prior to your first appointment
Please do not wear any make up or contact lens to your appointment
Please make us aware of any eye conditions which may affect your treatment

Avoid touching the lashes after your appointment and try to keep them dry for the next 24 hours
Avoid hot steam for 48 hours, a cool quick bath or shower is recommended
Try not to excessively rub your eyes and use an oil free make up remover
Saunas, swimming and steam rooms should be avoided and not used at all for 48 hours


Don’t moisturise, use perfume or deodorant before your tan
Remove contact lens before treatment to avoid contamination
Remove any unwanted hair 48 hours prior to your appointment
Bring loose dark clothing and flip flops or loose fitting shoes
Exfoliate the night before your tan, especially the knees and elbows

Leave the tan to develop between 8-10 hours then shower until the water runs clear and pat dry
Avoid excessive exercise, perspiring or getting wet during development
Long baths or going swimming will fade the tan quicker
Remember that sunless tan does not protect you in natural sun, use a SPF
Moisturise daily and exfoliate 4 days after your tan